Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hello girls!

Probably been the longest time ever since I've updated this blog!
Finally had the time to update this blog a little after so long :)
Been so crazily busy juggling with school and Ash In Cans at the same time ever since school started for me, you'd have realized that we're no longer updating as frequent as we used to be anymore. 

Thank god for the great help with our pixie in replying of mails, or else it'd be even harder for me to launch at this rate with the ever piling work I've from school! And also, I can't thank you girls enough for being so understanding and encouragement all these time! 

Ash In Cans had reached a new milestone last week by launching our 100th collection! 
It was such an amazing feeling launching the collection last week, thinking about how we've grown since, feels like seeing my own baby grown up!!! Been a wonderful 2.5 years! And thank you girls who've been supporting us since! <3 <3 <3

We'd continue to work harder to serve you girls better this year! 

If you've realized , we've been launching more of daily essentials like basics skirts and tops! Girls can never have too much of such basics isn't it?  In addition, we'd be having a couple of collaborations with several organisations coming up! I'm so hyped for it though! And introducing even more manufactured pieces to Ash In Cans! Yes we do have a few exciting pieces coming up really soon in April ! I.CAN'T.WAIT .FOR.IT(!!! ) 

Here are some of my top picks for next week's collection!
Haha yes I know I've just launched C101 few hours ago... 
But I just can't wait to share with you girls what will be coming up next week :)

Our self manufactured basic asymmetrical hem skirt! 

Red velvet top! Loving the texture for this pretty top *.*

Faded floral long sleeve top! And topshop inspired black denim skorts (almost exact replica)!


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