Friday, 25 November 2011

Yay. Launching a new collection again some time next week!
But I've yet to decide on launch date yet! Haha, there will be
knitted stuffs in this collection again. Can't seem to have enough
of knitted wear! ^-^ You girls must stock them up ok! Most probably
won't be able to launch anytime soon in December :( 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

La Novella Studio


Basically I've been having photoshoots for AshInCans over at
  La Novella Studio for almost 2 months already.
All blogshop owners should know how important it is to actually choose a suitable studio for shoots.
Lightings, environment, distances and all have to be placed into considerations! 

So before I even head down to the studio, I went to their site to take a look.
Even till the day before the shoot, I still went and take a look at their site! HAHA Sibei kia si.
I'm afraid that its not up to my "standard", I've to ensure everything is good for AIC shoots.
Hate it when things screw up or something! Previously I've had very very bad experience with
studios which actually cocked up the timing and everything. You girls should know, "Time is precious"!

So anyway here is one of the photos which we've taken during the first shoot. 

As you can see, the results aren't really of what I've expected. I'm sure the pioneers who've visited 
the studio when they've just started will receive same effect on the photos too.
But well, the owner of the studio actually did something about it!
They've spent hours trying to adjust the lightings to the best optimum effect
for all shoots in their studios! Kudos to them for their hardwork ~ 

So anyway here is one of the photos which we've taken after all the adjustment and all!
So nice isn't it! Hahah totally save the job of editing using photoshop etc.
FYI, the photos which I've shown are all raw files! 
Yay, so anyway done talking about my own experience. 
I'm really in love with La Novella Studio now!

So you girls/blogshop owners/guys/whoever:
You all should head down to La Novella Studio to see it for yourself !
For couples/friends you all can head down to La Novella Studio for a themed 
shoot or something to have the photos for keepsake! 

Furthermore for weekdays its only $35/hour!
Lets say 5 of you are going down together, its only like $7 for each person?
And you're going to get tonsssssssssss of photos, 
judging on how fast you can change your poses of course!
And those girls who're into modelling, you may head down to
take some photos for your future portfolio!!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Was looking at fashiontoast's blog! And saw that the pair of wedge she 
was wearing in the photos look 90% similar to the one previously that we
held preorder for! Damn pretty isn't it! Haha can't wait for this pair
to reach my hands! 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Just packed the stuffs for photoshoot tomorrow!
The stuffs are soooo awesome that I kept a number of pieces!
There will be at least 5 designs for bags and clutches.
Tweed material, faux pony hair, quiltted bagpack!
On top of that, there will be a manufactured piece in 2 different colours!
Mad love this piece~ Can be worn as dress/tunic and also tucked into
a jeans/shorts as top! Luv the polyester material! Quite a number of knitted
stuffs too! Do stock up on them for December! Its gonna be soooo cold :P